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Southern part

Kuta 122 properties
Canggu 325 properties
Badung 1618 properties
Denpasar 317 properties

South-Western part

Tabanan 86 properties
Kediri 30 properties
Baturiti 2 properties
Kerambitan 19 properties

South-Eastern part

Gianyar 33 properties
Blahbatuh 23 properties
Ubud 89 properties
Sukawati 11 properties

Northern part

Buleleng 15 properties
Singaraja 12 properties
Banjar 0 properties
Kintamani 2 properties

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Real estate in Bali

Real estate in Bali, a picturesque island in Indonesia, famous for its beaches, cliffs, and temples, attracts tourists and investors. Here you will find upscale villas, spacious houses, and modern apartments with views of the ocean and pristine nature. The island offers both minimalist new developments and traditional buildings with unique architecture.

Here are the benefits of acquiring property for sale in Bali and living here:

  • Wonderful climate: warm sea, sun all year round, and comfortable temperatures.
  • A variety of natural beauties: from magnificent beaches to picturesque rice plantations.
  • Friendly local population: you can feel safe and welcome here.
  • Reasonable cost of living: food, entertainment, travel, and other prices are very affordable.
  • A wide range of leisure options and active recreation opportunities.

The island’s beauty, its slow-paced but still eventful lifestyle, and great investment potential make properties in Bali, Indonesia an attractive and promising investment.

Properties for sale in Bali

In recent years, interest in the local development market, especially among overseas investors, has remained consistently high. That said, buying property in Bali is quite easy as a foreigner. The main factors influencing the sales of real estate are the growing tourist traffic and the development of infrastructure. Travellers and digital nomads continue to choose the island as their holiday destination and long-term home, creating a strong demand for rentals and real estate investment.

Property prices in Bali depend on the type, location, and date of construction. In some popular tourist areas, such as Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud, they can be higher. However, housing is more affordable in remote areas and in the north.

Popular areas

One of the most popular areas among tourists is Kuta, which mainly offers apartments and villas. Canggu has also become in demand among expats over the past few years. Here you can find both apartments and houses with their own land plots. Canggu is famous for its beaches and restaurants. Another attractive location is Badung in the northern part. Ubud is the central area, which, apart from a variety of housing options, owes its appeal to preserved architectural monuments and sights. Seminyak is known for its wide range of entertainment, active lifestyle, and long beautiful beaches. Real estate in Seminyak is mostly villas with swimming pools and stunning ocean views. Sanur is an area in the southeast, appreciated by those who prefer a serene and secluded atmosphere. At the southern end, there is another picturesque location—Bukit. It primarily features premium villas with spacious terraces and swimming pools.

Types of properties

There are different types of real estate for sale in Bali, from villas and apartments to land plots and commercial spaces. Here are the most sought-after options nowadays: 

  • They come in different sizes and configurations. There are both compact houses and luxurious residences with a garden and a swimming pool.
  • Units in condominiums. Apartments in Bali are an excellent option if you want a small serviced property for individual living or renting out.
  • Land plots. Many non-residents want to build their own house or villa. Land plots are available in different parts of the island.
  • Commercial real estate. There are also opportunities to invest in business units: hotels, restaurants, shops, and offices. A large flow of tourists leads to a need for commercial spaces.

Investment property in Bali

The popular island attracts millions of travellers from all over the world. The growing tourist traffic creates a high rental demand. Investing in local real estate guarantees a stable and long-term rental income. Here are other reasons to buy property in Bali for investments and living:   

  • Appreciation potential. With an ever-growing demand for housing, especially in popular areas, prices can be expected to rise in the long run. This makes investments potentially profitable.
  • You can easily choose something that will match your investment goals and budget, be it a villa in Bali or a comfortable apartment.
  • The island is blessed with beautiful beaches, tropical nature, a unique culture, and an inviting atmosphere, which makes it a great place to live and have fun.

Buy property in Bali

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