Bali introduces new visa

Bali introduces new visa

The government supports foreign investors and seeks to increase the influx of investors into the country. In the near future, changes will be made to the legislation, thanks to which those who wish to move to Bali or stay on the island for a long time will be able to choose a new type of visa.

According to Indonesian Minister of Tourism Sandiaga Uno, work on the long-awaited Indonesian digital nomad visa is nearing completion and the new option will be available to applicants soon. The project was developed for several years, but the pandemic postponed the project. The visa will allow hundreds of thousands of digital nomads and those who work remotely to stay in the country for a long term.

Minister Uno stated that discussions regarding visas for digital nomads had reached the final stage, and they would continue to cooperate with key ministries and departments. The minister hope this will be one of the breakthroughs in visa regulation.

The digital nomad visa is expected to allow foreign remote workers to stay in Bali for up to five years.

Another change in the legislation will affect the application for a Golden visa. According to the director of the immigration service, Silmi Karim, in the near future, foreign companies and individuals will be able to obtain a visa for 5-10 years for investments in the local economy. The entry threshold for legal entities is set at $50 million. Individuals will be able to apply for a visa when purchasing government bonds in the amount of $350,000 or more. An additional advantage of the visa is that it allows not only to stay in Indonesia, but also to work.

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