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Townhouses in Bali

Foreigners can invest in a luxury townhouse in Bali, offering them the opportunity to own modern accommodation in one of the world's renowned resorts. This type of property has its unique features. Unlike villas in Bali, townhouses share walls with neighbouring homes. However, they have a private entrance and a small plot of land. Typically, these are two-storey houses with similar layouts, which include:

  • multiple bedrooms and bathrooms,
  • an open-plan kitchen and living area,
  • utility rooms,
  • parking spaces,
  • a relaxation area in the courtyard.

For foreigners, purchasing a townhouse in Bali can be seen as acquiring a holiday home or as a relocation option.


The island remains one of Indonesia's top tourist destinations, ensuring all the essentials for living are available. Pristine beaches, numerous restaurants, and entertainment venues attract visitors year-round, making real estate highly sought after. Foreigners can find townhouses in various parts of Bali, including:

Residents of EU countries can find the latest sales offers on our website. Additionally, you can gather information about the island's lifestyle, visa regulations, and the state of the international real estate market.

Townhouse prices in Bali

The cost of homes is influenced by several factors:

  • proximity to the sea,
  • size and number of rooms,
  • prestige of the residential complex and its additional amenities.

There's a significant price range. During the construction phase, you can buy townhouse in Bali for $150,000. Ready-to-move-in homes on the beachfront are priced from $500,000 and upwards. It's essential to note that the prices mentioned are as of the article's publication date and tend to rise. Therefore, it's advisable to confirm the housing cost directly before purchasing.

Investment townhouses in Bali

The island's development is progressing rapidly since real estate is in demand among both local residents and foreign investors. You can buy a townhouse in Bali as an investment during the construction phase and sell it at a higher price upon completion. The price difference between an under-construction and a completed townhouse sometimes reaches 60% or more. Another advantage of purchasing properties during the excavation stage is the option of instalment payments, which most developers offer interest-free.

The island, with its comfortable climate, attracts tourists year-round, allowing for high occupancy planning. Many agencies offer a guaranteed income programme for owners of houses and apartments in Bali. Under this, the owner receives a profit set in the contract, while real estate agents manage the property. The return on investment for housing can reach 10% annually or more.

Buying townhouse in Bali

Our listings database provides information from developers and local agencies. All types of property in Bali are available: studio apartments, flats, and houses. A user-friendly search filter system allows you to select housing based on location, number of bedrooms, etc. You can calculate the cost of property in your preferred currency. Prices are available in dollars and euros. Our experts are ready to assist with selection and purchasing a townhouse in Bali for investment and living. For consultations, an online chat is available.