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Penthouses in Bali

Owning a luxury penthouse in Bali represents an affordable opportunity to possess prestigious accommodation. These elite properties are located on the top floors of buildings, boasting panoramic ocean views. The apartments can be either simplex or duplex in design. Whether single or double-storeyed, these top-floor flats can comfortably accommodate a large family or satisfy those who appreciate expansive spaces. Distinctive features of such apartments include:

  • spacious areas,
  • exclusive views,
  • additional rooms such as a sauna, Jacuzzi, study, or gym.

Luxury property in Bali is in high demand and can be considered not just for permanent relocation but also as an investment. This is largely due to the limited availability of such properties. Given the island's unique topography, there's a restricted amount of space suitable for constructing multi-storey buildings. Hence, finding and buying a villa in Bali is easier than securing a penthouse.


For residents of the EU, a penthouse can be an excellent choice for seasonal relaxation or resettlement. The unique location and the presence of private entrances allow for a highly private lifestyle, while still having all the comforts within your own apartment. The island boasts numerous towns where you can find spacious apartments. Foreign real estate is typically purchased in popular resort locations such as:

On our website, you can explore the latest sale offers and buy penthouse in Bali. Properties on the island with well-developed infrastructure present a lucrative investment opportunity.

Penthouses prices in Bali

The cost of penthouses in Bali depends on several factors:

  • the number of bedrooms,
  • proximity to the sea,
  • the prestige of the residential complex and the additional amenities it offers.

When comparing prices on the island to the cost of similar properties in European countries and the USA, it's evident that they are relatively affordable. For instance, a 2-bedroom penthouse located on the second line from the sea can be purchased for $170,000.

Investment penthouses in Bali

Foreigners can buy a penthouse in Bali as an investment. It's most profitable to consider properties under construction, which can yield profits from future resale. The potential return on investment for a specific residence is calculated individually. However, considering that the price of exclusive real estate has almost doubled in the past year, profits can range from 60% to 100%.

It's also wise to consider local housing as a means of generating passive income. Many agencies offer apartments for purchase and handle rental arrangements. The net income for the owner can reach up to 15% annually.

Buying penthouse in Bali

Our website features listings from developers and local real estate agencies. You can choose an apartment in Bali in any of the popular locations. The search system allows for preliminary price calculations in dollars and euros. Our experts are always available. You can receive real-time consultation on purchasing a home on the island. Start your search for a penthouse in Bali for investment and living now to not miss out on the most attractive offers.