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Commercial property in Bali

Foreigners can buy commercial property in Bali to secure a steady income. Purchasing an already established enterprise allows for immediate revenue post the necessary paperwork, as the business model is already operational with its clientele.

Indonesian legislation provides for the establishment of an investment company (PMA). Registering a company with a set minimum share capital allows full ownership of the business and the opportunity to acquire residential property in Bali as private property. Investments must be deposited into a local bank account or invested in company assets. Registration also requires a legal address in a real or virtual office.

Another format for conducting business is the creation of a PT company. In this case, co-founders and shareholders must be Indonesian citizens. It's essential to note that certain sectors are entirely closed to foreign participation, mainly strategic directions, not the tourism industry. Most foreigners aim to buy commercial property in Bali for investment, primarily in the tourism sector.

Buy a ready business in Bali

On our website, you can find various types of commercial real estate in Bali:

  • cafes and restaurants;
  • office spaces;
  • beauty salons and hairdressers;
  • hotels and guesthouses;
  • retail outlets.

Commercial property prices in Bali directly depend on its type, location, functionality, and size. Prices cater to different budget levels. For instance, office spaces of around 200 m² are available for purchase at $150,000. A shop spanning 650 m² can be bought for $594,000. A hotel is listed for sale at $3.7 million. A complex of 18 studio apartments in Bali, intended for rental, is on sale for $1.2 million.

Commercial property investment in Bali

Considering the purchase of commercial properties can be seen as a reliable investment. Bali's economy is steadily growing. The robust influx of tourists boosts the scaling of all business sectors. Property values consistently rise, remaining highly liquid and profitable. There are two primary strategies for profit:

  • for the purpose of independently running the business,
  • to gain passive income through rentals.

In the latter scenario, there's no need to be constantly present in Indonesia; profits can be earned remotely.

Buying commercial properties in Bali

On our website, you can explore the latest prices for commercial properties in Bali. Listings are posted directly by the owners. Our user-friendly search system allows you to find the desired property within your plans and purchasing budget. Price calculations are available in euros and dollars. Besides commercial properties, you can also find apartments and villas in Bali in our database.