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Residence complexes in Bali

Developers offer foreigners real estate both in already completed and still under-construction residential complexes in Bali. Our portal provides information on the sale of houses and apartments in Bali, among which you can choose the optimal option for either permanent relocation, seasonal vacation, or for investment.

Residential complexes may include properties with various numbers of bedrooms, a series of townhouses, or detached villas. Construction is being carried out in different areas of the island, allowing you to purchase real estate in both prestigious tourist locations and regions with a more leisurely pace.

Properties in new residential projects for investment and living vary in area, comfort level, and construction year. This has a direct impact on the price of the properties. The cost of real estate in a residential complex starts from $100,000. For this amount, you can buy a one-bedroom apartment. Villas in Bali are more expensive, but even in this case, you can choose a villa with 2–3 bedrooms within the price range of $350,000. Exclusive villas will require larger investments, as the residential communities in which they are located provide a wide range of additional amenities. Among them may be:

  • private swimming pools;
  • playgrounds;
  • kindergartens;
  • shops;
  • cafes and other facilities that make life more comfortable.

Indonesia's economy and infrastructure are steadily developing, allowing housing in comfortable climatic conditions to be considered a convenient option for relocation.

Investment properties in Bali from developer

Residential complexes offer a lot of profitable opportunities to buy property in Bali, prices from developer are quite affordable. By the time the construction is completed, the housing automatically becomes more expensive, allowing you to not only protect your money from inflation but also acquire a liquid and profitable asset that can always be resold at a significant profit.

Also, a sensible decision would be to buy property in one of the new development projects for further renting. Apartments are in demand among tourists year-round, and the profitability ratio in some regions exceeds 10%. The property can be rented out for both short and long terms. At the same time, the owner can delegate authority to local real estate agencies and receive profit remotely. For a commission percentage, specialists will handle finding tenants and control the check-in process and payment.

Property for sale in residential projects in Bali

Advertisements from developers and local real estate agencies are published on the site. A convenient search system allows you to select the required type of real estate in Bali in a specific location and of the desired area, and calculate prices in euros and dollars. All information is up-to-date, and hidden commission payments are absent. Explore the prices of real estate in some new residence complex in Bali, Indonesia, and choose a suitable property right now!