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Land plots in Bali

Foreigners can invest in land in Bali, selecting a suitable plot on our website. The island remains one of the most popular tourist destinations globally. Every year, tens of millions of tourists visit, making both developed property in Bali and plots for development in high demand. Due to limited territories, prices consistently rise, allowing for profitable resale at any time. Additionally, the plot can be used for further construction of a personal home or rental villa.

Non-residents of Indonesia cannot buy land plots in Bali as private property (freehold). By law, this format is only available to the country's citizens. However, expats have several alternatives:

  • Long-term lease with the right to multiple renewals (leasehold). This ownership right applies not only to land purchase but also to villas in Bali. This practice does not infringe on the lessees' interests, as they can dispose of the property at their discretion: sell, rent, or bequeath.
  • Establishment of an investment company (PMA). The minimum investment capital amount is set by legislation, and it's advisable to clarify this before deciding to start a business.

Property legislation is gradually becoming more liberal, opening up new opportunities for foreigners.

Land plots prices in Bali

Leaseholds have a significant advantage: rental prices are much lower than the cost of land in Bali if purchased as private property. As of the article's publication, the following prices can be observed:

  • a plot of 750 m² is priced at $327,000,
  • the cost of land spanning 24.1 hectares is $18.6 million,
  • a plot of 7.5 hectares can be purchased for $49.5 million.

The price range is substantial. It's essential to note that the cost directly depends on the area's location, proximity to the coastline, terrain, and nearby infrastructure.

Land plots in Bali for investment

There are 3 reasons to buy land plots in Bali for investment и development:

  • the country's economy is steadily growing,
  • land and property prices are on the rise,
  • investments offer high liquidity and return on investment.

Investing helps protect your money from inflation and allows you to own a potentially profitable overseas asset.

Buying land plots in Bali

When you buy land in Bali for construction, it's crucial to use professional brokers familiar with local legislation nuances. They can help you find the right option and ensure the transaction's safety. Several aspects should be considered when choosing the land plot:

  • It should be available for sale and the legality of the seller's ownership.
  • It should align with its intended future use. For instance, residential construction is not permitted on agricultural lands.
  • The boundaries of development land for sale in Bali should match those described in its certificate.

Our website features up-to-date listings from local agencies. The user-friendly search system allows you to find the optimal option in any part of the island, with prices available in euros and dollars. Additionally, our listings database includes both ready and under-construction homes and apartments in Bali. Start your search now!