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Property in Kuta

The resort town of Kuta in Bali offers potential buyers a wide range of residential real estate to potential buyers, from villas and apartments to hotels and commercial spaces. Here are a few features of property in Bali in this region:

  • An attractive location. Located on the south coast of Bali, the city has beautiful beaches and picturesque views. It offers a rich selection of entertainment options, restaurants, shops and a vibrant nightlife, which makes it incredibly attractive for tourists and expats.
  • Excellent rental opportunities. Kuta is a popular tourist area, so buying real estate here can provide a stable rental The continuous tourist flow guarantees high ROIs, especially during the high season.
  • Good potential for starting a business. The island attracts tourists from all over the world and Kuta is one of the key places to visit. All travellers use local goods and services, so the business has every chance of becoming successful.

The real estate market in Kuta continues to develop and grow, and it offers more and more opportunities to make money.

Living here offers walking distance to restaurants, shops, supermarkets, medical facilities and a full range of other important facilities. Famous sights are also concentrated in the city. One of the most popular beaches on the island, Kuta Beach is famous for its ideal surfing conditions. By the way, this sport is one of the most popular activities in the resort. Surf schools offer lessons for beginners and experienced surfers, and everyone can test their strength on the waves of the Pacific Ocean. It is also home to Waterbom Bali, the largest water park on the island with plenty of activities and water slides for all ages. Kuta has great shopping options and a vibrant nightlife, with many clothing and souvenir shops, night clubs and bars where you can have fun.

Investment property in Kuta

The legal framework in Bali protects the rights of property owners. Tourists visit the island throughout the year, which ensures stable demand for rentals and as a result a high ROI. There are various types of real estate in Kuta, all of which are in demand. Families visiting Bali often rent villas. Solo travelers or couples usually prefer apartments in Bali in condominiums. There is a wide range of options for investing in property in Kuta for foreigners so that you can easily find a housing unit that suits your budget and goals. Any home you purchase you can resell for a higher price or rent out for a short or long term.

Property prices in Kuta are more affordable compared to many other popular tourist destinations on the island. The cost of a studio unit or one-bedroom apartment starts at $50,000. Prices for 2-bedroom apartments or villas, depending on their location and additional amenities, range from $100,000 to $300,000 and more. Apartments and villas in Bali often have ocean or mountain views and are also very close to the beach. Estimated cost of real estate in Kuta (Bali, Indonesia) of this type of property starts from $150,000 and can reach several million dollars for more luxurious and spacious mansions.

Buying property in Kuta, Bali

The resort continues to develop and attract more tourists. And as a result, the cost of local real estate is also growing. Before you buy a buy-to-let property in Kuta, it is important to consider the costs of property management and maintenance:

  • public utilities;
  • management costs;
  • cleaning and maintenance costs.

This may affect the expected return on your property.

When investing in real estate in Bali, we recommend that you cooperate with experienced agencies or lawyers to avoid any legal problems and ensure a safe and smooth experience.

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