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Property in Seminyak

Real estate in Seminyak is in high demand, as this residential area is considered one of the most popular luxurious places in Bali. It attracts tourists with its beautiful beaches, boutiques, restaurants and vibrant nightlife. Purchasing a property in Bali in this location is a great investment. The reasons for that are:

  • Developed infrastructure. Seminyak offers an abundance of restaurants, boutique shops and bars, beauty salons, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues. Proximity to picturesque beaches also makes the area attractive for tourists and potential tenants.
  • High demand. Seminyak is one of the most popular rental areas in Bali. Many tourists prefer to rent villas and apartments here.
  • Rise in price of housing. Real estate prices in Seminyak have been rising steadily for several years, which is important if you consider to resell your property.

The location has many fantastic spots and opportunities for entertainment. Seminyak Beach is popular with locals and tourists. It is a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters and ideal surfing conditions, where you can enjoy the sunset or try local food at one of the seaside cafes.

Seminyak is known for its vibrant nightlife. The area is home to Ku De Ta, Potato Head Beach Club, and La Favela, where you can dance till dawn. And the 2-level shopping center Seminyak Square offers various shops and pavilions, restaurants, cafes, and spas. The region is developing rapidly as new residential and commercial facilities are being built, the service sector is improving, and new jobs are being created, which attracts property hunters.

Investment property in Seminyak

Property in Seminyak for foreigners is a great investment solution since this residential area offers attractive opportunities for the development of the tourism industry and the growing demand for rental housing. It is a trendy area in Bali and a popular place to stay for expats and travelers.

An investment can bring you income if you rent out your new apartment or villa as plenty of tourists and expats prefer to rent an apartment in Bali rather than to stay in hotels. Therefore, the demand for local housing remains considerably high.

In addition, Seminyak continues to develop. New real estate projects in Seminyak for investment and relocation are being built. For example, you can buy a villa or apartment in a new residential project or even invest in the construction of a commercial projects with boutique shops, restaurants or spas.

If we talk about figures, then the average annual rental income in Seminyak is about 8-12% of the property value. This is a very attractive offer for investors, especially considering the stable growth of the tourist flow.

The cost of real estate in Seminyak (Bali, Indonesia) is constantly growing. For example, in 2015 home prices in Bali started at about $50,000 for a small apartment or studio unit. By the end of 2020, they had already reached $200,000–300,000 for apartments in popular tourist areas of the island, including Seminyak. In the past few years, housing has continued to rise in price rapidly, which means you can gai profit by reselling an apartment or villa in Bali at a higher price. More and more people decide to invest in properties in Seminyak in order to receive passive regular income.

Buying property in Seminyak

This resort area is the perfect place for those dreaming of buying property in a tropical paradise. In Seminyak, you can buy housing of different types, from a cozy villa with a swimming pool or a stylish apartment overlooking the ocean to a luxurious penthouse with a private terrace. Each option has its own features and advantages, which allows you to find an option that will meet all your requirements.

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