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Duplexes in Bali

Duplexes in Bali are available for foreigners to purchase as a relocation spot, seasonal getaway, or investment. These are residential buildings designed for two families, offering the same level of comfort as standalone homes. The number of bedrooms varies depending on the specific layout, but overall, these properties cater to buyers who appreciate spacious living areas.

For foreigners, luxury duplexes in Bali present an excellent opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio and protect their money from inflation. With its comfortable climate and well-developed infrastructure, the island attracts tourists year-round, ensuring that apartments and villas in Bali remain in high demand.

Foreigners can own an apartment in Indonesia under long-term lease rights. To gain full ownership, one must acquire citizenship. Certain types of properties can be purchased in free economic zones, provided the investment exceeds $131,000. The island boasts numerous locations where properties meet these criteria.


Expats prefer to invest in overseas properties in areas with a high influx of tourists. Bali has plenty of such resorts. Among the popular towns are:

  • Kuta, a resort that attracts those with an active lifestyle, offering a range of entertainment options.
  • Canggu, an area with beautiful beaches and historical landmarks.
  • Badung, a district known for its comfortable relaxation spots, is appreciated for its vast shopping options, stunning nature, and well-developed tourist infrastructure.
  • Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali.
  • Seminyak, a district sought after by those who appreciate premium-class properties.
  • Sanur, a resort known for its mild climate and stunning ocean views.

While the lifestyle in each of the aforementioned locations has its nuances, which you can learn more about on our website, they all share common features: a warm climate, beautiful beaches, and a well-developed infrastructure.

Duplexes prices in Bali

Duplexes are considered premium real estate. The high quality of these homes, their demand, and limited availability maintain a corresponding price level. The cost of duplexes in Bali depends on:

  • the overall area and number of bedrooms;
  • proximity to the coastline;
  • presence or absence of additional amenities in the residential complex.

Such amenities include private swimming pools, gyms, landscaped areas, relaxation zones, and other facilities that enhance comfort.

Investment duplexes in Bali

The most cost-effective way to purchase a home or apartment in Bali is during the construction phase. This offers an affordable method to expand your investment portfolio with minimal outlay. Once completed, apartments can appreciate by 25–30%. The price increase for luxury properties can reach up to 60%.

Another investment strategy is to buy duplexes in Bali with the intention of renting it out. The return on investment for such properties can reach 10%. Moreover, you can rent out the property remotely, simply entrusting its management to the developer or a local real estate agency.

Buying duplexes in Bali

Our website features listings of property in Bali from developers and agencies. The user-friendly search system is equipped with filters, allowing you to select homes in your desired area with the required number of bedrooms. For ease of calculation, prices can be viewed in pounds, dollars, or euros. Our experts are ready to assist you in finding and purchasing duplexes in Bali for investment and living. To get a consultation, simply fill out the form in the online chat.