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Villas for sale in Seminyak

Buying a house in Seminyak for investment or relocation is a great option for foreigners. Seminyak is a prestigious residential area located in the south of Bali and the most popular tourist destination on the island. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay, from luxurious beaches, streets lined with trendy shops such as Jalan Kayu Aya, art galleries in Oberoi to spas and fashionable restaurants. All this makes Seminyak the perfect place to buy property in Bali. Seminyak offers a wide range of stunning villas for sale for foreigners. This type of housing is always in demand here all year round. If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in housing in Bali, Seminyak is the best choice for you.

If you are looking for a fast return on investment, we recommend you to consider buying property near the main beaches of Seminyak and Petitenget, Oberoi and Eat Street. Another option is to choose housing near the famous clubs KU DE TA, Potato Head and Double Six Beach.

Many investors who buy houses in these areas rent them out and quickly return their investment. In addition, they can also use the property as a second home and go there with their family or friends on holiday.

Villas in this amazing location are usually surrounded by tropical greenery and feature a wide range of services and amenities, such as swimming pools and private gardens, direct access to the beach, etc. Some properties in gated residential complexes have spa areas, laundry chef and maid service. Real estate in Seminyak attracts investors from around the world: Australia, the UK, the USA, and European and Asian countries.

Investment house in Seminyak

Investing in houses and apartments in Bali ensures you stable returns. Seminyak attracts many holidaymakers and the demand for villa rentals is very high.

In 2022, about six million tourists visited Bali. As of May 2023, the tourist flow to the island has already amounted to about 950,000 people. On average, foreign visitors spend about 8-10 days in Bali, but in recent years, many expats have moved here for long-term stays and permanent residence. Tourism is an important sector in Bali's economy that generates billions of dollars for the country.

For example, before the pandemic, in 2019, the profit from tourism was estimated at about $130 billion, which is about 25% of the country's GDP. Now the tourist flow is gradually returning to its previous levels. Therefore, buying real estate in one of the world's tourist centers is reasonable and very profitable. In addition, Balinese property prices tend to rise, especially in popular areas. This gives investors the opportunity to achieve a significant increase in income in the future.

The ROI for real estate in Seminyak depends on several factors:

  • Location. The closer a property is to popular tourist spots, restaurants, shops and beaches, the higher the chance of attracting tenants and generating high rental income.
  • Rental rates. It is recommended to study the cost of housing in the area you like and estimate the ROI.
  • Maintenance expenses. It is also worth considering all the costs associated with the property, including taxes, utilities, management and maintenance. Minimizing costs will help increase the ROI.

Here is an example of calculating the return on investment. With a house value of $200,000 and the rent rate of $200 per day at 60% occupancy, your net income per month is $2,273.5 and $27,282 per year. At 90% occupancy, which is typical for Seminyak as a popular tourist destination, you will get $3,897 per month and $46,773 per year. Thus, the return on investment will be 15.59%.

Villa prices in Seminyak

The cost of a villa in Seminyak (Bali, Indonesia) depends on its size, condition, location and other factors. Prices start at an average of $200,000 and go up to several million dollars. For example, you can buy a villa in Bali, near the main street Sunset Rd, with an area of 157 m² with two bedrooms for $305,000. The villa has an open-plan living room, a dining room and an equipped kitchen area, a swimming pool and parking. Each bedroom has air conditioning and a safe for valuables.

You can also buy a villa in Seminyak for $479,000. This 300m², three-storey, four-bedroom, five-bathroom fully furnished property is located in a lively area of the resort town. There is a beautiful garden in the backyard. There is a large swimming pool and outdoor seating areas.

Buying villas in Seminyak

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