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Off-plan apartments for sale in Bali

International buyers are opting for flats in off-plan development projects in Bali as an affordable choice for seasonal holidays, an opportunity to find a permanent home, or as a hedge against inflation with the potential for future profit. For citizens of the EU this presents an accessible way to diversify their investment portfolios. Property in Bali's prestigious resort areas consistently sees high demand. Flats in under-construction complexes can be purchased at developer prices, which are significantly cheaper than post-completion. Construction progresses swiftly, ensuring that buyers will soon own a completed property.

On our website, flats for sale off-plan in new projects in Bali are available in various parts of the island, including:

There's a broad range of overseas properties to suit any budget and purpose, with the widest selection available at the excavation stage.

Investment off-plan apartments from developers

The affordable pricing of apartments for sale off-plan in Bali residential complexes is a compelling reason for investment. Once completed, the property's value significantly increases, allowing for profitable resale. The exact profit margin depends on the prestige of the complex. Typically, the most liquid and profitable properties are the premium ones, which often sell out quickly upon launch.

Additionally, you can consider purchasing a flat for sale in off-plan residential projects in Bali with the intent of renting it out later. Flats are in demand among tourists and offer a high return on investment. Most estate agencies offer property management services, so you can earn rental income from your apartments in Bali remotely without residing in the country.

Off-plan apartments prices from developers

You can secure a flat for less than $100,000. Such a property will be comfortable and fully compliant with modern construction standards. For those who appreciate premium real estate, spacious residences, penthouses, and duplexes are available, albeit at a higher price. For apartments in new buildings in Bali, prices from the developer depend on several factors:

  • size of the property,
  • proximity to the sea,
  • additional amenities within the residential complex.

The complex might feature private pools, gyms, or other facilities that enhance its comfort. Each developer has its payment scheme, but most offer interest-free instalments. This approach is attractive to buyers as it allows for staggered payments, easing the immediate financial burden.

Buy off-plan apartment in Bali

On our website, you can explore offers from developers and purchase apartments in under-construction developments, ready flats, or villas in Bali. Using the search bar filters, it's easy to find a property in your desired area and view prices in euros or dollars. The site also provides analytical information about the local real estate market. Our specialists are always available and ready to answer any questions related to buying apartments in off-plan projects in Bali for investments and living. For consultation, simply leave a request in the online chat.