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Apartments for sale in new projects in Bali

Foreigners can purchase apartments in new buildings in Bali and become homeowners in this prestigious resort region. The island remains one of the most popular tourist destinations, ensuring that properties here are in demand throughout the year. Buyers have a range of property types to choose from: studios, spacious residences, townhouses, and villas in Bali. These properties are available in both completed and under-construction complexes across various locations. For prime property investments, consider the following areas:

  • Kuta, a resort renowned for its beautiful beaches.
  • Seminyak, with a vast selection of premium properties.
  • Ubud, a resort ideal for a relaxed family holiday.
  • Canggu, a hotspot for surfers from around the world.
  • Badung, a district with the highest number of tourist centres.
  • Sanur, a bustling resort with a well-developed infrastructure.

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Investment apartments from developers

Property in Bali represents a highly liquid and profitable investment, available at attractive prices. The most cost-effective options are those still under construction. Such properties can be acquired for around $100,000. Once the project is completed, the apartment can be resold at a significantly higher price. Profits can reach several tens of percent, depending on the specifics and location of the residential complex. Due to limited land available for development, property on the island is in high demand and consistently appreciates, making investments lucrative.

Additionally, purchasing apartments in residential projects in Bali can be seen as an opportunity to earn rental income. Rental rates are high, with the annual return on investment reaching 10% or more. You don't even need to reside in the country to profit. Many developers offer properties with post-sale maintenance programmes and guaranteed income.

Apartments prices from developers

Apartments for sale in Bali residential complexes meet all modern comfort requirements. The cost of apartments in new builds is directly related to the level of amenities in the complex and the quality and size of the living space. Developers offer options to suit any budget. On the island, you can find both affordable properties and premium residences priced over $1 million. Buying directly from a developer is more advantageous than from the secondary market, as it often requires a smaller initial payment. Another benefit is that most developers offer interest-free instalments, allowing you to pay for the property without resorting to loans, especially if on a tight budget.

Buy apartments in a new building in Bali

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